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Information for Venice Away Game Who:  All Alliance Members What:  Away football game at Venice HS When:  Friday, Oct. 13th Where:  Venice High School Dress:  Full uniform for all members. Friday, Oct. 13th 3pm- Report to stadium for run-through of show 3:45pm-  Approx. end of rehearsal. Front ensemble will load equipment truck at the stadium (This may change if the weather does not cooperate- I will send a remind message if plans change). 5pm- Call Time- prepare for departure (section leaders and Oswald Felix- loading QM will give specific instructions today. 6pm- Load bus 6:15pm- depart for Venice HS 6:50pm- arrive VHS unload and march over to visitor’s stands. 10:30pm- approx. end of game 10:45pm- load bus 11pm- depart for NPHS 11:30pm- arrive NPHS unload- you are dismissed as soon as we arrive, however we need help getting stuff put away! Important Reminders
  1. YOU are responsible for making sure you have everything for your performance. DO NOT rely on others to do it for you!
  2. Plan to eat something after rehearsal and/or bring something to eat on the bus. We will still have 3rd quarter break, but best not to count on that as your only meal!
  3. Venice HS has a band concession stand and usually offers a discount to the visiting band. Please make sure to support the band concession stand and save a little money in the process!
  4. We REALLY need help putting stuff away when we get home- I know everyone is tired and wants to go home but as many people as possible should stay to help- it will be done very quickly that way!

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