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Information for Saturday November 4th  FBA Marching MPA   Who:       All Alliance Members What:     FBA Marching MPA When:     Saturday, November 4thth Where:   Lakewood Ranch HS (Bradenton Dress:     Full Uniform   NOTE:  There are some challenges today- Theatre districts are in our room all day so we will have to make sure to stay out of their way as they run their event. This is a RESCHEDULE event so will not have all of the features of the FBA MPA in the past- we will need to understand there MAY NOT be ratings read out, MAY NOT have a drum major retreat for awards and WILL NOT have time to visit the concession stand. LRHS is running another marching competition in the evening and graciously offered their facility so we could have our evaluation. We are grateful to them and need to understand that will limit some of the experiences we will have on Saturday.  

Saturday, November 4th

  1:00pm- Call Time- Bandroom Opens prepare for departure   2:00pm- Load equipment and buses   2:30pm-  Depart for LRHS   3:30pm- Arrive LRHS (restroom run- then unload and prepare to move to warm-up_   4:00pm-  Warmup   4:30pm-  PERFORMANCE note there MAY NOT BE A RETREAT FOR SCORES DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS   5:15pm- Depart for NPHS   6:15pm- Approx. arrival time @NPHS unload, put away equipment, dismissed.     ****NOTE:  Students will need to plan on eating BEFORE arriving and possibly bringing a snack with them- there will not be an opportunity to visit the concession stand****   Important Information:
  1. Please make sure to make arrangements to eat before you depart.  The first opportunity you have to eat is after our performance.  Plan on having a snack on the bus on the way up!
  1. Make sure you have all of your equipment, sticks, mallets, harnesses, etc. for your performance- THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
  2. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO CONDUCT YOURSELVES LIKE A DRUM CORPS AND HOLD YOURSELF TO A HIGHER STANDARD THAN ANY OTHER BAND THERE BOTH ON AND OFF THE FIELD!!! This includes how you talk about other bands and how you act and behave when you think no one is watching.  SHOW YOUR PRIDE!!!
  3. We will travel in “bibbers” (uniform pants) we will finish dressing when AS we arrive at the competition site (which means put finish getting dressed as we get close to the school. Colorguard is NOT to change out of uniform on the bus after the performance- you may change in the changing facility at the school.
  4. If you need to leave from the competition with a parent, I need to know in advance and I need to SEE you go with them.
  5. Use the restroom BEFORE we warm up!!!

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