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Band Camp 2018

BAND CAMP starts Monday July 30th-Thursday August 2nd from 8am-4pm!! Lunch from 12p-1p will be provided on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. They will need to provide their own lunch on Thursday.* Each day has a theme-Monday=Cape Day, Tues.=Hawaiian Shirt, Weds.=Favorite Movie Character, & Thurs=Sectional Color!* *HELPFUL TIPS: ***SUNBLOCK IS A MUST!! Sunglasses, hats, visors, small towels would be useful. ***WATER JUGS: you can find 1 gallon ones at WalMart! I recommend freezing half of it the night before, keeps water cooler longer!! ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CLOSED TOE TENNIS SHOES!!!!!!******** ***SOCKS-change of socks! ***Good night's sleep!!!! +PARENTS: If you have a canopy tent or a beach umbrella, we could really use them during camp to provide the kids with shade during water breaks. Thanks!! We will need PALS approved volunteers to help out with band camp next week. Help needed to set up water and Gatorade coolers in the morning and then help during the lunch break from 11:30a and 1:30p. Thank You!! **REMINDER PALS APPROVAL IN NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!!!** Any questions please let us know. Amber Martin B.P.O. Secretary

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